How do you feel when your wife left you without telling you the reason why?

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    1 decade ago
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    If you were the 'observant type' it should have been readily apparent that there were problems in your marriage long before she left. Maybe that was WHY she left... you weren't paying enough attention to the marriage? Quit coming on here with questions like this in an obvious attempt to get people to feel sorry for you.

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    The father of my daughter left me and told me it was because I was so sad all the time.... If he would have got his head out of his own *** he would have realized what I was dealing with... My daughter was born 2 months early with birth defects... I sleep in a chair for 3 weeks by her side now she is two and so perfect... Post partum is a *****..

    The reason for my story was to tell you that some times people can't seem to look past there own wants to notice the needs of others.... If she left may be in some way you were better off I know this is true because today in life he will in some way always love me but I would never be dumb enough to go back to a man who was that self-involved...

    I know losing some one you love is hard and the heart brake feels so real all you can do is lean to live with it and move on some one out there will love you till death do you part.

    Good luck out there the world is heard enough sometimes with out adding the selfishness of other to it....

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    Usually a women don't just up and leave their was something happen that trigger this off .You may or maynot no , but i can bet that she thinks you already know. no It's not right to do this ,but in some small ways I'am sure she was trying to tell you and you did'nt listen or believe. Men listen up when you see a problem address don't put in under the rug this is a prime example. I know you are hurt and you should be ,but look back on your marriage and don't look at her faults but look at your what could I have done to make it better. God bless you left alone

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    My ex acted like an *** every time I tried to talk to him about the relationship so I just left. Three days later I went to the house and cleaned it out while he was at work! I to this day will not give him an explanation! Why should I I know he is an ***, he knows he is an *** and even the kids know it! I moved on with my life and left him to eat my dust! Don't miss him one bit and now 20 years later I still would not give him the time of day!

    Treat a woman like **** and that is what you get! b Deal with it!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would feel confused and hurt.

    Here is the best thing, pass information along to people who she would probably go to. If they see her they may mention it. Also if se has email or a cellphone, give her a text message.

    Basically you have to be patient. All you can do is give her one message telling her how you feel about it, and give her a few light questions. Like "Please tell me if you're doing well." "Tell me if you need anything." Etc.

    You can also ask her to give you an answer as to why she left, but be sure to add something like "when you feel ready to answer." to it. Then you just have to wait.

    Hey, I hope the best of luck for you. Hopefully whatever the problem is, it can be worked through.

  • 1 decade ago

    Happened to me. I was devastated, and depressed...but I had to push on because I had two children to raise. I think the children suffered more.

    There were no clues...she didn't even know the reason until 3 years later....she found a female lover

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    There is always a reason, look for the obvious, did you ignore her, did you provide her with enough money to buy food and clothing, if you had kids did you take time for them. did you treat her family and friends rudely, did you drink too much, do you take drugs, did you land in jail for something she found offensive. If you can't find that any of these fits the bill then call her Mom or best girl friend she will tell you.

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    I would feel hurt, confused and depressed. It happened to me. It took me a while to get over it because I loved her so much. There is a part of me that still do today. It took a while but she finally called me and told me why.

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    It is a reality that human changes one they you have been his favourite man but now she has changed by the way, there wasnt a real love

  • 1 decade ago

    If shes that selfish, you deserve better anyway. Unfortunately it happens all the time to people.

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