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At what age do men and women reach there sexual peak, and what does it mean to reach it?

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    I think men usually reach it by the time they are 18 to 24- for women it's older, like 30-35. It means that they're sex drive is at it's basically, when you want to have sex the most.

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    This is something that varies. It's hard to put an exact age on it. Everybody is different. However, it typically is for men somewhere between 18-22 & women between 35-40. Hmmmmmmm could this be a trigger of the M.I.L.F. theory? This may be why older women sometimes go for much younger men. I've never understand why it has to be so different between men & women. Do you realise how great it would be if they BOTH had their peaks around the same age? It sucks that a man has to wait until he's 40 to get his wife or girlfriend REALLY into sex & not just being so-so into it. Link below for more info.

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    Sexual pleasure between lovers never reaches a peak. It's a gift that keeps on giving when there is true emotion involved. "Peak" merely means the height of something.

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    I think men: late teens early twenties. Women: late twenties. Both vary with each person.

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    I think it may vary with each person. My husband and I are both in our mid/late wants it the other doesn't.

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