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What should I pack for a trip to Tokyo?

well, the 'Tokyo' part doesnt necessarily matter, i just wanted to get through that it's pretty cold there right now, and you do a lot of walking in the city, since most people dont own cars. (they take buses, subways, taxis etc)

Can someone please help me make a list or give me a list of things i should pack?

I really dont wanna carry more than two bags, so a compressed list would be nice.


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    Expect to do a lot of walking. Bring comfortable shoes and socks. Tokyo has a fantastic transportation network consisting of subways, trains, monorails, buses and taxies, but once they get you to the general vicinity, the best way to see Tokyo is by foot.

    Bring and carry individual packages of tissues. Many Japanese rest rooms do not have paper towels. A few did not have toilet paper. Japan's traditional (non-western) toilets are have hole you have to squat over to do your business. Fear not though as most bathrooms have at least one western toilet. On the positive side, Japan has the cleanest bathrooms you are ever going to find. If you visit those new buildings/hotels, you may find the most advance toilet. There's lots of buttons to clean stuffs... You know;) So far, its the most advanced I've encountered in all my travels.

    Bring a good camera. Tokyo is a wonderful place to take pictures. Pack items that may leak or explode (toothpaste, shaving cream, deodorant, etc.) in resealable plastic bags.

    Buy one or more easy to carry Tokyo guidebooks. One of the best ways to get from Narita airport to Tokyo is the Airport Limousines. These are comfortable buses that take you from the airport directly to most major hotels. They are also one of the least expensive ways to get to the city.

    Pack Umbrellas and/or raincoats during the rainy season (mid June to mid July). Bring a light backpack for your daily travels. You do not want to be carrying heavy bags around the city as even the subways require much walking between terminals.

    Pack one or two empty duffel bags in your suitcase for dirty clothes and to make room for souvenirs. Purchase sodas and snacks for the evening at a convenience store to avoid the costly hotel prices. Convenience stores are located near the hotels and throughout the city.

    Bring tea bags, instant coffee and sugar packets etc.. from home. The hotels provide hot water in your room for beverages, but the self serve honor bar tea and coffee packets are expensive (about $6.00 per tea bag).

    Bring a travel iron or plan ahead. Many Japanese hotel rooms are not equipped with irons. . We recommend you take American Express travelers checks. They can be cashed at most hotels and banks and replaced if lost.

    Check the weather before leaving on your journey. Check the dates of Japan's holidays and festivals and then learn more about festivals in Tokyo.

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