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what does matinee time mean?

What does matinee time mean in movie theaters?

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    Main Entry:mat£i£nee

    Variant:or mat£i£n*e \*ma-t*-*n*\


    Etymology:French matin*e, literally, morning, from Old French, from matin morning, from Latin matutinum, from neuter of matutinus of the morning, from Matuta, goddess of morning; akin to Latin maturus ripe — more at MATURE


    : a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon

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    Matinee is the time when, historically, attendance is lowest, therefore the theaters offer special prices to get attendance up during those times. It cost the same to show the movie whether the theater is full or empty, so if they get anyone it's more money in their pocket.

    The term matinee means "afternoon"

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    French word for matins: which means morning.. most matinees start about 11am and run through 4pm.

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    First showing of the movie, ussally during afternoon when cinema


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    Afternoon to early evening.

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    matinée means morning in french .... normally we say 'matin' but matinée is the feminin word for it...

    Source(s): live in france + speak it fluently...
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