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I cant work out whats up with me... do i have a personality disorder?

im pretty messed up, somedays i will be fine & other days i wont know who i am.

I always act different around other people.

I try to be someone else...

I get angry wit people & then wonder why the hell i got angry with that person.

I did use to be very depressed but im not too bad now.

I do drink too much... but i am starting to drink less than what i used to..

Im always scared of people leaving me...

or think people hate me...

Sometimes i want some1 to be there & then i want them to piss off & just leave me alone.

i dont kno how i feel somtimes or have opinions.

I confuse people, & myself..

people get so anoyed with me cos they cant work me out and it frustrates me cos i have no idea why im like this. its so anoying!

I want to see a doctor and find out what the hells wrong with me but im gonna feel so stupid telling my doctor about this...

Ive looked on the inet and all i can work out is that i have some sort of personality disorder.

im not sure..

anyone got any ideas?

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    Hey, sorry to hear.:( I would advise to seek some aid from a medical doctor as well, but not only that you could also look to a form of spiritual help and bodily help. I see the human being as being a trinity almost. If you feel good in mind, body and spirit then you'll be a happy and fulfilled person. I don't think you'd be stupid telling your doctor about those feelings, especially since many people go through them. Just reach out for some help and there are people out there who will reach back.:)

  • Steph
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    This could be a lot of things- Bi-polar, Manic Depression, Anxiety Disorder... The only way to be sure is to go see a Psychologist. There is no reason to feel stupid about going to a doctor about this, you do need some sort of mental assistance and NOT getting the help you need would be stupid.

    Good luck hun!

    Source(s): Been there.
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    hey ashley,u sound a lot like i used 2 be not 2 long ago,ur not alone,most people feel like this at some point in their life,life is like that,it gets u down sometimes,i had a couple of yrs like u,but i picked myself up an sorted myself out,with the help of my doc an family an friends,i now have the most amazing man in my life,an am very happy,hope all goes well with u,take care.

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    yeah, go see a doc, could be bipolar, could be anything, but you definitely need some mental health help, and it's good you can admit it. good luck.

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