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HELP PLEASE: what happens when you swallow a little bit of gasoline? it was an accident when i used a siphon?

i swallowed maybe about a tablespoon of gasoline by accident... what should i do? i just made myself puke by putting fingers in my throat, but when i burp, i can still smell the gasoline in my stomach... HELP QUICK


F U C K all of you who think i have been stealing it. Just because i'm black, f You. I need help, i might die!!!!

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    I would just like to point out that this could be a rather serious situation and is not a joking matter. The people that have posted above clearly do not understand the seriousness in something of this nature.

    Although I am NOT a "Poison Expert" (I am medically certified) - I would not suggest smoking cigeretes or anything of that nature. Although it sounds somewhat un-realistic, it is always a possibibility and should not be tried. Secondly, you need to force yourself to vomit (even though you have already tried). If you start:

    - having breathing problems

    - having abdomal (belly) pain

    - start excessively vomitting

    - begin to feel dizzy/light-headed

    ... get to the Emergency Room right away, as the gasoline could be causing a number of problems with your body. My main suggestion would be to call the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 and see if they do not have anything that you can do on your end.

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    I did the same thing back in 1976 while on a car delivery crew. I kept burping gasoline smells all night long. 37 1/2 years later and so far so good. BTW, I have never went to a doctor about this.

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    Well if you're seeing this then you obviously are alright since the question was posted 5 hours ago.

    Just for future note, and those that may be reading this: For gods sake, don't post questions like this here! If there is an emergency, call an authority, in this case the Poison Control Center. If you don't know who to call, then call 911. Do you really want a bunch of answers from people who probably don't have a clue?

    The only logical answer given to this question was the one person that gave the number to poison control.

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    How would anyone have known that you were black???

    You'll be allright. Don't worry. If you've thrown up, most of it is out of your digestive tract. Anything left won't kill you. You might feel a little queasy. You'll taste it for awhile (the smell has also lodged itself in your sinuses and will take quite a while to go away). Eat something doughy, like a soft pretzel. That has a tendancy to absorb acids and settle the stomach. Drink a warm coke, which will do the same.

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    A Little Gasoline

  • Show your kids that old fart trick, but get up a good one as it'll count. hehe Your Alright. How to test your lines for a Gas Leak? Use a Propane Hand Torch and run along the lines. Take a deep breathe light the Torch and Blow Hard. If you do not shoot flames go ahead and light up that cig.

    You'll be alright man. Just don't do the same with Anti Freeze. Or don't huff the Gass.

    And DOn't Fart in front of the Fire Place!!

    Don't Forget!

    Merry X'Mas!!

    Source(s): hehe I'm just being funny buddy.
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    Dont induce vomiting, if a even alittle bit of it makes it to your lungs it will spread out and coat the lungs making it painful and hard to breath, swallowing a mouthful or even 2 mouthfuls wont hurt you. You will burp nasty gas fumes but other than that youll be ok, eat something and drink some milk. It will work its way out of your body since your body doesnt digest it or break it down. Keep it going through, again DONT throw it up. Its the easiest way for it to get to your lungs.

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    I am a doctor i know that you wont die but you mite have a stomic flu or it might rumble for a while and you mite fell nauseated you might also throw up but if your still throwingup in about 3 hours contact poisen controle

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    contact poison control!!!!


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    thats what you get for stealing... lol

    you already threw it up...

    how can you smell your stomach? thats a neat trick

    call your local poison control agency

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