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what do you do if your not sure if your into your boyfriend and how do you know?

dating for over a month.

not much attention on me.

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    If you're not sure then you shouldnt be with him...not fair

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    It depends on the situation. If you think you may seriously like this person then you should invest more time to see if things change. If you feel like things may never change and you're wasting time then move on. Because 9 times out of 10 you are. There is no need is investing time in a relationship if you don't truly believe things can get better. It only complicates things in the long run. I hope this helps and I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do.

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    make a list of things that made you want to go out with him in the first place. if your list is based completely on physical things, than you need to let him go. however, if you have a list of personality traits, than maybe a list of those things was all you needed. sometimes it's good to write up a list of things like that because it reminds you of the little things that made you like him in the first place. also, you might want to try something new with him that you've never done before. for example, i'd never gone on a picnic for a date before so my boyfriend and i got together, made a nice lunch and went down to the beach to have a picnic. it was really sweet and really romantic. if things dont work out, then hopefully, you'll find someone better for you. good luck!

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    Ask him. If the relationship has fizzled, find something to kick it up a knotch or get out of the kitchen.

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