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More people awake.How do I move on when I don't know many people that he doesn't know?

I moved here with my husband four years ago. We have been married 9 years. He moved out after becoming involved with another woman. We have three kids 2,5 and 8.

I wantto start a new life but it is hard because 1) this is his hometown. Mine is 1200 miles away. 2) He moved out but only three blocks away. 3) He is active in the community so I have to see his name in the newspaper all of the time 4) I soon realized that all of my friends are his friends or their wives and they seem to have no problem with his infidelity and moving out ( they have him and the girlfriend over for dinner, etc.) Any suggestions on how to get a new life. He moved out 8 months ago. About two months ago it seemed that we were getting back tgether but suddenly he pulled away again. He won't file for divorce. I don't because one of my children is disabled and so far I am still listed as his beneficiary and I would need the insurance if something. Any ideas of how to get started with a new life?

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    Get involved with groups, church, pta, etc..make friends, branch out and get a life that is not wrapped up in him and what he is doing--it is not easy and you may get very lonely trying but everyday is a new day and lift your head and face it..for yourself and for your children otherwise you will become very bitter and angry.

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    First, you have to create a whole new life...he can't be in every organization in out at the Library, or Hospital...or somewhere that he has no ties to. The people that you meet, and make friends with under those circumstances will be your own relationships, not just echos of your "husband".

    Take a lesson from this though...from now on, do not surrender your own life to become someone's shadow. You need outside relationships to keep from becoming stagnant in the relationship.

    Second, you should contact a lawyer...with the circumstances you mentioned, like abandoning a disabled child, and blatant infidelity, I am sure that you would have a case to retain insurance coverage long after your divorce. This is the sort of case that Divorce lawyers dream about.

    Good Luck out there, hope it turns out well for you.

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