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Fast and Cheap way to get to Kawaloon market from Hong Kong Airport?

Please give me an idea

1. What would a purse cost?

2. Ladies Suit set costs?

3. Carry on suitcase

4. Gucci watches (Fake)

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    You mean Kowloon ? Kowloon is a district. If you like to shop then you should go "Tsim Sha Tsui"with lots of nice shopping malls and brand name items. If you want to do local shopping then try "Mong Kok".

    From the aiport , the fastest way to Kowloon is by Airport Express Rail but it costs HK$100 (US$12.5) one way if i remember right and it takes only like 20 mins.

    The cheapest way is to take buses . You might find directions in the bus terminals, very easy to use and cost less that US$2 per way.

    Purse cost (Normal no brand name around US$12-35 each)

    Ladies suit ( Retail store like G2000, Gitti , around US$30-75)

    Carry on suitcase ( Normal no brand name around US$20)

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