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loking for suggestions for a puppy name...?

she is about seven months old...a husky rot mix...found on the streets of cleveland

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    Cargo as a shout out to the husky heritage.



    Lollipup (Lolli)


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    I think Tia, Precious, Angel or Lady would be a very pretty names for her. I hope you like these names and if not try your local Pet store or library for a book on dog names. I'm from Cleveland but live in NC now. Good Luck on finding a name and It's nice to hear she has been rescued!!!

    Source(s): Library & Local Pet Store
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    What street was she found on? You could name her after the street or the day she was found. Or the song or band that was on the radio at the time. Be creative... it's more fun than a typical name.

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    girls, Callie, Morgan, Jacquline, Alyssa, Lily, Noel,

    Boys, Jake, Gump, Buddy. Tramp, Fonzy, Pal

    Source(s): well one of the boys names is my dogs
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    We had a rottie/Malmute mix, she was huge by the time she was a year old. (150lbs) She passed away 4 years ago.

    Her name was Nanuk (it means great bear or Polar bear)

    Pronounced NA' nuuuk

    her sister(not true siblings) was named Mikiuk (means tiny) who ended up being 212 lbs by the age of 3.

    Pronounced Me-key-yuuk

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    go to

    then click on the link under the title "2000 Dog Names"

    the links will be in alphabetical order. Hope it helped

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    Husk Rot

    Hehehe couldnt resist.

    Sounds like an STD for corn.

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    I just got a puppy to my hubby works at a prison so i use names from there my first ones name was "BOSS" becuase inmates call gaurds that and my new ones name is "CRIMINAL". go with what you know!

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