Has anyone heard of a wine called Canai? It's my Moms fav. Looking to purchase in Los Angeles area.?

Found it in Dallas, Tx.

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    It is an Italian wine and termed sparkling, but not the bubbles of champange, it is a white wine and they do make a red, it semi sweet, it should be available at most wine dealers, best to make some inquiry's before running around looking for it.

    I would figure it to be at a sotre in and area that has Italian neighbours in it, I am not sure were in L.A that would be, it is not expensive probably $4-6.00 a bottle.

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    My brother worked at a local liquor store here (Thrifty Liquor) in Shreveport, Louisiana, and turned me on to Canai (white). Very light and fruity wine. I don't do wine, but I loved it. Good luck and enjoy. Yum, that sounds good right about now too

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    Canai Wine

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try a supermarket, real inexpensive.

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