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Is it possible to straighten a strand of curly hair with water ?

So..erm, is it possible to straighten a strand of curly hair with only water ? If not, what're the other ways ? Thanks in advance


So..erm, is it possible to straighten a strand of curly hair with only water ? If not, what're the other ways ? Thanks in advance

Actually I myself have naturally straight hair just that I want to find out whether a strand of curly hair will remain straight if it is still wet ?

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    you can straighten it w/ water if you have naturally straight hair. but if you have naturally curly hair. water won't do anything obviously.. you'd just need a straightner then

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    No. There's no way in hell you could ever do that. I wish I could, though...that would make my morning routine much more convenient.

    If you are looking to straighten your hair, go buy some flat-iron spray. Sometimes it is also advertised for curling iron or hair dryer use, but they all serve the same purpose.

    After that, invest in a straightening iron. DO NOT buy one at Wal-Mart, Claire's or any other stores like that. They are made cheap, take forever to heat up, and only work on very thin hair Go to a beauty supply store and purchase one...a decent quality hair iron is about $45. If you have any doubts about which specific one to buy, I'm sure a salesperson in there will be more than happy to help you find one for your specific hair texture, style, price range, etc. Don't forget to use that straightening spray.

    Hair-Straightening Products/Techniques To Avoid

    Some shampoos and conditioners say that they will straighten your hair for you. Not so. Many, however, will prep your hair so that you can straighten it with minimal damage.

    Japanese hair rebonding (chemical straightening) is hot right now. But it is VERY expensive and risky...many women have had their hair break off from chemical damage.

    Blow drying your hair straight with a round brush does not work on normal to thick hair. Only try it if you have thin hair, and make sure you use the heat protection spray I recommended up there.

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    i don't think so... there are chemical bonds that naturally hold curly hair together in that shape...and adding water would only allow the hair to curl even more vigorously because the H2O molecules react to form stronger bonds... this is why the hair reacts so badly to moisture in the air when we've just finished straightening it and makes it go all frizzy and yuck! hope that helps..

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    If you get your hair wet and then brush it smooth the way you want it to be (for example, back if you're trying to pull it into an updo, or down if you're wearing it down), and blow-dry it, then yes, you can straighten it with water. however, most curly hair finds a way of shrinking back up, so adding just a tiny bit of hairspray to it will help it stay down without it looking crunchy.

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    No you need heat to straighten hair, water would not loosen a curl to the point where it is smooth and flat. You need a flat iron or a blow dryer and round brush.

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    my hair gets great frizzy, too, and it extremely is a reasonably kinda wave-curl component. i'm getting it to stay fairly by making use of glossing cream and serum when I get out of the bathe and it extremely is tamable. i like straightening my hair, enormously in iciness, and it works for me, so as which you would be able to as properly provide it a bypass? once you're extremely into it, get a concern therapy and a perm at a stable hair place :) desire i helped??

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    Yes, if the water is very hot.

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    you need a straightening iron

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    Im not sure I will look into that and find out.

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