Clay firing in a conventional oven?

Does anyone know how to fire clay in a conventional oven? The highest setting is 500 degrees F.

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    Firing requires 2000 degrees. You can use air or oven dry clay. Check with the site below.

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    Traditional clays will not fire in a conventional oven. They require heat that is much higher than any household oven can create. Traditional clay must be fired in a kiln. Some high schools and many colleges have these, and you might be able to get access to one for a small fee or even free. It generally takes about 24 hours for the kiln to heat up, fire the piece, and then cool down enough that the pieces can be removed.

    You can only use a conventional oven to fire polymer clays, such as Sculpey or Fimo. These clays are specially made to fire at fairly low heat. They usually fire at around 275 degrees Farenheit for around 15 minutes (but read the instructions on your clay packaging before you start to make sure you're doing it correctly!). The exact technique you use depends upon what you're making - for beads with a hole in the center you will need glass rods (you can buy these at just about any craft store) and a deep baking dish of some kind. You would basically make the bead around the glass rod and then balance the rods across the baking dish so that the beads don't touch anything. For most other things, you can simply lay them on a baking sheet on top of a piece of aluminum foil (I would recommend this especially if you intend to use the sheet for baking food!!).

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Clay firing in a conventional oven?

    Does anyone know how to fire clay in a conventional oven? The highest setting is 500 degrees F.

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    What type of Clay are you using?

    There are a couple types of clay that are oven hardened, most commonly Sculpey, or Super Sculpey (a little harder version). These types can be shaped like an oil based clay, then "baked" in an oven...It is craft quality. Not for outdoor or food use...but a great medium for kids or adults to try clay working without having to have a kiln.

    Best of luck.

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    Firing Clay At Home

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    Hi The Path ma !!!

    It wouldn't work. Conventional ovens do not have the capacity of hearting at a very slow and most of all "EVEN" fashion. "EVEN"

    heating is what is need to actually keep the clay intact, not changing the color dramatically and that is what give quality to any clay work.

    I had work with different types of clay so check on which kind is the one you will be using. This will determine the amount of time the piece will need to be burning.

    I love this form of art, you can be very creative an most important unique!!!

    Good luck. GOD BLESS YOU.



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    Won't work, a kiln is much higher. Besides, the 500 degree setting is for broiling. Don't think that's what you want. Check with a local high school or college about possibly using their kiln.

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