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why critiques of Sanskrit literature say 'UPAMA KALIDASASY'?

though the great poetry extensively usedsimiles in the great kaavya, the RAMAYANA, literary critics opine that it was mahakavi kalidas, who wrote megha sandesh, as the only great poet in sanskrit who used upamalankara (similes, figures of speach) though VALMIKI used extensively that upamalankara. some scholors say if we remove IVA all the similes become symbols and the ramayana is full of symbolic poetry. is it correct?


this question to be read as why critiques of sanskrit literature say UPAMA KALIDASASYA?

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nirdhoota patra sikharah seerna pushpa faladrumah nikshipta vastrabhaharanah dhoorta iva parajita.---valmiki(lovers sleeping in the laps of their beloved as the birds sleeping in the flowers)

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    Keep in mind that Valmiki Ramayana is an epic poem. Its sheer scope boggles ones mind and if for some reason every other Sanskrit work is forgotten or lost, Valmiki Ramayana will live on.

    However, it does not mean that we need to ignore others.Kalidasa's poetry soars when he uses similes. Because Kalidasa chose to work with shorter genres, he had lot more freedom. I recall his magnificent opening of Kumarasambhavam, comparing Himalayas to "Prithivya iva Manadhandah" - yardstick that could measure earth. His descriptions of Parvathi are breathtaking because of his upamas.

    Valmiki and Kalidasa are great poets. Each one excels in different things. Ultimately, it becomes a matter of personal taste and choice. I owe my love of Kalidasa's poetry to Professor Venkatachalam who had this passion for Kalidasa's works.


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