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In English, what does the Chinese phrase "Shei Tama Ai Ni" mean?

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    This makes the most sence.

    Shei = 誰, who

    Tama = 他媽, his mother (Cuss word, adjective)

    Ai = 愛, love

    Ni = 你, you

    It means " Who the F*** loves you?! "

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    1 decade ago

    I know that

    Ni means You

    Ai is Love

    shei is who

    Tama ?

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    That looks like Mandarin. I don't know it too well because my family speaks Cantonese but Wo Ai Ni means I love you in Mandarin so it probably has something do to do "I" or "you" or maybe even "love."

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    1 decade ago

    "Who loves you so much", if you mean, "shui nameh ai ni", but if you insist on saying "shui tama ai ni", actually means: "Whose mother loves you?"

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    1 decade ago

    Pass the fried dog meat.

    Source(s): I hung out with Chinese people.
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