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your oppinion on how people could throw and kick people out of Gush Katif in israel! agree or disagree & why?

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    which came first, Muslims in Israel or the Jews in Israel?

    who really has the right to be there?

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    It was absolutely horrible. It increased danger for the whole country of Israel, making the Arabs think that their attacks were leading to victory over the Jews.

    For the families kicked out of Gush Katif, the government has basically left them homeless. Neither the government of Israel or folks abroad seem to care much about the increasingly deteriorating situation of the Gush Katif refugees.

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    This was a disgraceful chapter in Israeli history. It was done by a senile prime minister trying to win favor with the Americans.

    The result was that 8000 productive Israelis have had their lives and fortunes ruined, and Gaza has become a base for international terrorism.

    A new leadership in Israel could turn things around.

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