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What rule changes would you like to see in the NFL?

Personally I would like to see end zone celebration rules loosened up. The fans love em and as far as I know there has never really been serious problems because of them. Also, I'm sick of QBs being treated like schoolgirls. Everytime I see a D lineman diong his job and ball comes out an instant before he knocks precious QB on his bum and he gets tagged with 15 yards it makes me sick. What about OT change to college style? I'm not sure about that one yet, but it could be more exciting and seems more fair. What do you think?

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    Roughing the quarterback needs to be a lil more lenient,

    also the forward pass deal (when the qbs arm goes forward because he was smashed by someone in the back and not because he was passing)

    I think defensive holding is BullCrap why cant one guy(usually a DL) slam the other guy so his buddy (usually a LB) can make a tackle that sux.

    If you go for two you only get to have ten guys on the jk

    and while were adopting college rules how bout the one foot

    rule. scince they want more scoring

    as far as college OT i dont like it id prefer to stick with the sudden death OT.

    Penalties that add yardage to the down count would be kinda wierd but cool(in stead of going back the first down marker would be moved up)

    You shouldnt lose a TO or have a set number of challenges or not be allowed inside 2min

    just some dumb ideas

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    I personally can't stand endzone celebrations. It's unnecessary and unsportsman. Players need to do what Barry Sanders or Walter Payton use to do after scoring a TD! Just hand the ball to the ref, high five your teammates and walk off the field. Another thing I can't stand is when someone makes a tackle or any ordinary play for that matter and they jump up pounding there chest like a madman strutting around cause they did something they are paid to do in the first place. Maybe if that particular tackle or play saved the game, yeah maybe a chest pounding is in order, but not on an ordinary tackle or play.

    Although I do agree with you on the QB situation. They treat them like little girls! They're grown men, they can take the abuse. They aren't the only players getting hit out there. Same with punters and kickers. I haven't seen a punt get blocked in a long time. Probably cause they are afraid to GLANCE the kicker and get penalized!

    I would also like to see the instant replay ability tweaked a bit. Half the time I don't know what play these refs are watching! Cause they make a lot of assanine decisions on the coaches challenges. Maybe have a few guys, the more eyes the better plus you get more input on a given replay, up in a booth that specializes in watching instant replay. I've seen to many bonehead calls on the refs rulings on this issue. A few of these calls have costed the game for some teams, that's real serious then.

    This new rule of not being able to stack one side of the field during an on-side kick is kinda lame. Pretty redundant if you ask me. If the kicking team loads one side then the receiving team should load up the same side. Makes no sense...

    Anyway that's my 2 cents! :)

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    I like the instant replay, with a little more tweaking, of course, but you're spot on about the protection rules. I see quarterbacks taking advantage of them each week, and it makes me sick. Ducking as the defender comes in, taking a light shot to the head, then jumping up begging for the foul, or running to the sideline, then tippy-toeing an extra yard for the first down, knowing that if anyone hits them, they'll get the call. People like Devon Hester would have 1 return, not 6 if we just didn't have that halo rule.

    I am so very sorry that I answered this question. Obviously noone that answered takes into consideration why certain rules are or are not in place. These guys and gals are right where they need to be, they are a bunch of yahoos.

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    I agree with you on the QB rule change ( aren't they football players too). And the "first one to score rule is kind of bogus, why can't they play one or two possessions each and what's wrong with a tie. I think an extra 15 minutes in OT is a little too much, usually they are tired as hell after the third quarter (it's a rough game). But as for the end zone celebrations, I think they can get a little excessive sometimes, but they are a little too strict. I don't see the harm in a team celebration, but they shouldn't be able to use props.

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  • I totally agree with that, those rule are way too strict. Ever since precious Palmer was hurt in the playoffs(go steelers) they been going soft with the qbs. and the inzone celebration rules and the no taunting rules are ridiculous i mean thats all a part of the game just as much a scoring a td is. and come no team celebration whats that all about u score as a team right?

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    They need an OT change. It doesn't have to be like college, they could make them each go 50 yards or each team gets one kickoff, something, but you're basically deciding games on a coinflip now and that sucks.

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    Me personally don't think they shouldn't of let the Titans have that 60 yard line goal. I think the Colts should have won.

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    that the refs can actually make good calls

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