dog with seizures what to do?

ok my dog is all of the sudden having really bad seizures we have taken him to the vet an we they cant do anything with him until monday we do not think he will be ablle to live threw tonight he hasent sleop ate or darnk in to days an he is getting worse by the hour the only pet hospital we have around here is very very cruel to there animals they are also very rude to the clients thety have had severl complaints we do not have madicine for the dog thats for him all we have is topamax for my mothers siezures an she wants to give it to him my q. is will this medication hurt him pplz help we have not slept in days because we are consintly caring for him?

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    We have a dog that also has seizures and what we do is as soon as we notice the dog going into a seizure we will get 2 ice cubes put them in a wash rag and place on the very top of his head and it brings him out of the seizure real quick sounds weired but it works for us...

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    locate a sparkling vet! Repeated seizures may reason modern mind damage and convey about lack of lifestyles. No vet could allow you to recognize your dogs is 'fantastic' if it has had distinctive seizures. There are rather inexpensive drugs they could provide you with to help administration them. as well, in the adventure that they very last for 1/2-hour or longer, you ought to be able to get him right into a vet at the same time as he's seizing with a purpose to get an more desirable idea of the style of seizure. keep song also of what he ate earlier the seizure, his activities, and so on. because it could be helpful in determining a feasible set off.

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    Do not give your mother's medication because it could hurt your pet worse than before. Seizures can be cause because of two problems: neurological problems and/or by underlying disease. When the dog as a seizure there is not much you can do right now, but keep the pet comfortable. You will notice the dog might lose it bowel or urinate on himself. I would suggest that you look up on the Internet for a veterinarian around you city. I have worked for a VCA hospital before they usually have great veterinarians but, their prices might be high. However, you can ask them for an estimate on how much it will cost for their services. Most veterinarians will ask to do bloodwork first to see if there is any thing reading abnormal. If not, there is the possibility that it is neurological. There are medications such as K Bromide and Phenobarbital they help prevent seizures, but only can be prescribed by a veterinarian. I would take to an emergency room if a regular veterinarian is not open this weekend because if these seizures are more frequent and worsening they can possibly kill your pet. I have typically seen seizures in pets that are senior age (7 years and up). If you pet is on medication, he will stay on it for the rest of his life.

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    You need to take the do to another emergency hospital! They need to run several tests to find out what is causing the seizures.

    By any means DO NOT give a seizure drug until you find out what amount the dog can take. You could end up killing your dog.

    I had a dog that was on meds for years.

    Suggestion: Look in your phone book and call some vets offices.

    There are some they may return your call and let you come in when you explain what is happening.

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    I'm no vet. I'm sorry to hear your dog is so bad. Dogs can be effected differently by drugs we would use for our selves also the dosage would probably be very different. Perhaps you could contact a vet from another area or animal welfare place that could give you some instructions on the best method of care to keep him going till you can get to your vet. I hope there's someone out there that can advise you properly.

    My thoughts are with you.

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    First of all that is ridiculous for your vet to let your dog out of the hospital if it is having seizures. They should of hospitalized your dog and given it IV valium to stop the seizures. Secondly, the should of ran blood tests on your dog to find out if there is an underlying cause for the seizures. A dog that continues to seize without medication has risk of high temp which can cause irreversible damage. You need to take your dog to another vet ASAP, if its what they call ideopathic seizures than your dog should be put on phenobarbital, but then again if its not and there is another underlying cause for the seizures like if your dog got into something it shouldnt have, your dog could die without medical attention. Take it to a vet ASAP, it's cruel to let a dog continue to seize. Dont give him your mothers seizure meds take him to another vet.

    Source(s): Im a licensed veterinary technician.
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    in your area you do not have an animal control or humane society, contact them inform that about your situation and explain to them that the Vet is very rude. I don't think that your mother's medication will work on your dog, but it is your dog and it might work if nothing else does, you might want to give him half of her medication to see how that does for the dog. Good luck.

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    my dog was having seizures and couldn't walk either we took him to the vet and it ended up he has liver disease we had no idea because he'd been having seizures for some time then one morning we got up and he couldn't walk I had to hold him up just to urinate hopefully your vet won't be such a jerk and do some blood tests thats how we found out now hes on meds for life good luck

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    Please don't give him your mother's medication. Some human medications can be toxic to dogs, and should never be given unless your vet tells you to.

    Can you make the drive to another city where there might be a good pet hospital?

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    you can ask questions from some places over the phone they will walk you through what you can and can't do. if there is another pet hospital farther away you might want to drive there for you dogs sake

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