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i heard that if u dont wait 2 years to have another baby, your body is literally screwed forever!!?

see i am 17 years old and 2 weeks pregnant right now, i already have a 14 month old son. i heard that it is hard for a mom to get back into shape after she has had her second child before waiting 2 years. but because i am young, do i have an advatage??

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    I think it depends on your body. My cousin had 4 kids in 6 years and she looks great. She had her first child at 21.

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    it depends on your body. i don't think the length of time between your children has anything to do with it though. i think that once people have two children it's just harder to commit yourself to working out to lose the baby weight. you have more stress and less time for yourself. you should be fine. i'm pregnant with my second right now and when the baby gets here the new baby and my son will only be a year and a half apart. i learned my lesson not to gain so much weight this time around.

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    Its hard to get back into shape no matter if you have the babys close together or not. You will just have to work at it, and yes you have an advantage being young.

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    It just depends on your body and how hard you are willing to work to get it back. My best friend had 2 kids 13 months apart and she looks as if she has never had kids.

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    it does get difficult but stay in shape and keep up with good eating habits and exercise. yes your young and you do have an advantage but that can change by not being careful

  • depends on ur body

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