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How do you get the gas from your own gas canister into your gas tank through a tube? where to blow/suck...HELP

my car is almost out of gas and i don't think it will drive to the gas station, so how do i get the gas from my canister in garage to my car's tank? i have this tube, but i don't know how to work it...

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    open the gas door,take off the gas cap,insert a funnel and pour

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    Put the tube in the canister and suck on the tube then as the gas gets near your mouth stick the tube into the car's tank.

    Also the canister should be higher and the flow will continue, because the vacuum you started by sucking on the tube will continue as long as no air gets into the tube. As the gas flushes though the tube it pulls along the gas in the canister.

    I've done this a few times when I have changed the fuel pump in cars and need to get the gas out of the car. I use a clear 1/4 tube that I had from my aquarium, and always get some gas in my mouth, taste is terrible and is hard to get the taste out of your mouth, but it does work.

    Also go to the store and get a $5.00 container with the proper spout, that's after you get your car going!

    Good Luck

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    PLEASE tell me that you are indeed smart enough NOT to suck on a tube with gasoline or any other toxic or hazardous substance in it!! Please tell me that!! PLEASE??

    The siphon action is caused by vacuum and gravity and can be started without sucking on the hose.

    1) The tube must be inserted into the canister deep enough so that the end cannot introduce air into the tube.

    2) The tube must be filled with the fluid COMPLETELY with no air of any kind. This can be accomplished by submersing the tube from one end gradually to the other into the fluid to be siphoned.

    3) With your finger or thumb placed securely over the end of the tube so as to allow no loss of vacuum (like milk in a straw) withdraw the end of the tube, and place it into the filler of the car.

    NOTE!!-----> The end of the tube must be LOWER than the canister level so that gravity can exert the pressure on the surface of the fluid in the canister. If the ends are equal or the tank end isn't lower than the canister end, the siphon hose will empty out back into the canister.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas.

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    A siphon (also spelled syphon) is a continuous tube that allows liquid to drain from a reservoir through an intermediate point that is higher than the reservoir, the up-slope flow being driven only by hydrostatic pressure without any need for pumping. It is necessary that the final end of the tube be lower than the liquid surface in the reservoir.

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    Try using a funnel that has a hose attached to it,threes also a plate in your gas filler opening you will have to hold open so the gas will go into the tank.

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    get a funnel and put it in the tank opening and pour away.

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