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I am way behind in class, is it even possible to learn logarithms in one day?

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    Don't get disheartened about your situation. May be it is a passing out phase. Logarithm is not very difficult.

    Any number can expressed as an exponent to any base number. In logarithm we have base 10 which is called common logarithm and base e=2.171 which is natural logrithm.

    So if you take the number 2.171 itself the value of e then it's logrithm is 2.171^1 = 1 in natural logrithm. You can proceed like this. It is a way of expressing large numbers with smaller ones for easy calculations and for other transformations and proving other theories as you advance.

    For example in digital electronics if you have a register with 8 bits then the largest information it can process is e^8. So the size of the register turns out to be the logrithm of the largest information that can be processed by the particular register. This is used in Information Theory. The units in which this is expressed is called gnats. Then we have entropy which is e^nlogn-e^n which shows the redundant information available for using for other purposes like communication and cyclical redundancy checks. This may be too involved for you but don't worry I am showing you how mathematics works at higher levels than yours. So keep thinking make sense out of everything you do and you will be there.

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    It's possible to learn logarithms in one hour.

    The concept is VERY SIMPLE.

    It involves laying TWO SCALES of different graduations and lengths and correlating where they touch.

    Once you get that... and can picture it... then it's just a question of applying the several formula.

    Exponents are BACKWARD Logarithms... for example.

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