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which is better time warners dvr, or tivo?

Which is better

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    I have time warners cable and tivo, TIVO'S A LOT BETTER~!

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    If AnswerLady's right about Tivo, then Tivo's the way to go...

    I have Time Warner's DVR and it allows you to record your show (on whatever channel(s) it appears on), but I don't think it has anywhere near the same recording options...

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    Tivo, hands down!

    Although both give you the ability to pause live TV and then fast forward through the commercials and catch up to "real time" if you want, but where TiVo is miles ahead is in the service features.

    It is incredibly easy to set up stuff to record and you can create "wish lists" where you can tell it to record every episode of a given show or any show that has a certain actor in it or a certain keyword in the description. You can tell it to remember to tape a particular show or movie, even if it's not anywhere on the schedule. It will remember that you wanted it to record that and, when it is finally scheduled, it will remember and record it for you. Also, you can search to see if a certain show/movie is coming up in the next couple of weeks and then pick when you want it to record it. You can also train it to know the kinds of things that you like and then, while you're not watching tv, it records programs that it thinks you *might* like for you. It's kind of fun coming home or waking up and looking to see what TiVo has to surprise me with!

    With a home network, you can also download shows from TiVo to your computer and, with an extra piece of software, can burn DVDs of them or transfer them to your video iPod.

    Anyway, in a nutshell, I'd give TiVo a hearty thumbs up!


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