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PLEASE help! i need advice to a quick question?

yesterday i ate SUPEr badly. I was at a chrsitmas party and got my hands on almost every desert...which isn't likely i guess i was kind of bored/nervous so i just casualy ate here and there. Now, the day after, im pretty mad at myself.

Soooo....if i drink TONS of water all day and go out for a 30 minute run will that slowly help burn it off?

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    i wouldnt worry about it. if you only ate this way every once in a while i dont think youd really gain weight from one eating bengie alot of ppl pig out on the holidays and stay the same weight. so lol just enjoy the holidays. i always eat alot of food at thanksgiving and christmas but watch what i eat the rest of the year. lol i think we all deserve to enjoy really good food at least 2 times a yr guilt free.

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    Years ago when i was a althelet I used to run a few extra miles a day. I used to run between 6 to 14 miles aday and that helped me loose the weight. HOwever, if your not in shape to run taht far. I would just add a bit more excerise than u usually do. and also dont beat yourself up its not the end of the world. Water is good too. Its christmas time so people tend to indulge a bit ore and thats ok. Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy and relax. Exerxise will help

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    Definitely drink water, and exercise is ALWAYS good, but one thing you must do is EAT.

    After eating so much yesterday, your metabolism is working super-hard, and if you don't eat, it will slow down a lot, which will make you gain more weight when you actually do eat!

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    Yes , it could burn off some calories.

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    dont be mad at youself

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