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how many hours of sleep do dogs need? and other dog questions...?

my dog is awake when i fall asleep and is awake when i wake up. when does she sleep? how long does she need to sleep? how many years old is my dog in doggy years, (she is about three years human time)?

and in general i have a question about all animals....

i'm doing a report for school and i would like some opinions...

-what do you think of animal testing?

-what animals shoudl/shouldn't be tested on?

-What is your Opinion?

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    Most dogs when young take a bunch of naps throughout the day.

    When they get older and more mellow they usually sleep approximately 18 hours a day.

    Your dog is approximately 20 human years.

    The more your dog bonds with you...the more pack oriented they become.

    Females become very obedient and want to be with you when awake (my female lab was this way).

    Males are more mischievious and want to be 'involved' in what you're doing (my male lab is this way)

    Your dog will sleep when she needs it...many dogs don't sleep deeply at night because they understand you are asleep and they take the responsibility of watching over "their pack".

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    My dog is old and sleeps about...yeah 18 hours a day.

    As the other guy said, your dog is like 20.


    I think animal testing is fine. Better accidentally kill an animal than a person.

    I don't really care what animals get tested on.


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