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Is there any CAD software that's easy to learn?

Something for simple geometric mechanical drawings. Tons of bells and whistles are definitely not a plus.

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    its very easy

    get a copy of solidworks and use the tutorial

    you'll see how simple it is

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    i became advised Mastercam is utilized by 33% of the device shops in North usa for prototype,layout and machining. that doesn't recommend it extremely is the suitable or maybe the main used. it extremely is the main much less costly for what it may do. The vehicle and Aerospace industries use Catia and that they choose their distributors to apply that equipment as there may be much less of a translation blunders. vehicle Cad became made for shape yet Mechanical own computing device (Autocad) has been used for mechanical engineering even though it extremely is extremely constrained and nevertheless has many translation issues. i might say AutoCad is maximum broadly used because of the fact it extremely is effortless to apply and everyone could have it at homestead. in basic terms a wager nevertheless.

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    All CAD software is EASY... to use... it's designed that way.

    The trick is to be GOOD at drafting.

    Cad software (Like AUTOCAD) is a LOT like MICROSOFT WORD... in that - it doesn't MAKE you a better writer. It just allows you the ability to get your ideas down, on paper... better.

    So my point? You are asking the wrong question. Don't ask what CAD software is EASY... ASK how good a designer are you?

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    solidworks 2007 or 2004

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    Ahh... In my Engineering class we used SolidWorks, and AutoCad. They were very easy to use.

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    at my highschool we use autocad 2002 for mechanical drawings. its pretty simple to learn and the more you use it, the easier it gets.

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