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Is a Master's Degree in Public Administration Marketable?

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    In the public sector your work experience carries far more weight, but it sure doesn't hurt and will help you perform slightly better assuming your intentions are good. It may at some point get you a job over another with less education and it also qualifies you to be able to at least apply for some jobs in the govt., but experience is everything in the federal workforce.

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    I have my MPA and have it for the past 5 years and has applied for more government jobs than I can count. It true when they say, experience and who you know trumps all. At this point in time, I almost regret being in so much debt with a degree that I have not been able to use at all

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    what exactly you mean by marketability of an educational degree?is it to get an job-kor to get a bride?clarify to get asnwer

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