How much is it to rent-a-car?

I got in a minor accident and my car is going to be in the shop for a few days. insurance says they cover up to $23/day. i rented cars in the past and i remember it started at around that price and nothing came out of pocket but i went to the enterprise car rental website and the cheapest car is $37/day. why is that? did they go up that much in price in the last 3-4 years? i doubt that is possible. can someone explain?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i think it's cheaper directly through the insurance company as opposed to just going in and paying out-of-pocket yourself.

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    well car rentals went up in the last few years last time i remember i rented this car it was cheap i rent it for two days and they charged me $175 so if you get it for 23 dolllars i think is the best offer that they have anyway you arent gonna pay nothing for that car insurance is going to pay for you.

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    Your insurance company can arrange a rental for you and will handle the billing directly. For $23.00 a day it won't be much (Chevy Aveo or similar) but it beats walking.

  • Like anything, the longer you get em for the less they are. There are rates for cars for $100 week if you can find em. Go to the Web and find the lower weekly rates.

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  • Bill P
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    1 decade ago

    Try Rent-A-Wreck. Their cars may be "older and clunkier", but they're reliable and a LOT less expensive than the major chains (Enterprise, Avis & Hertz).

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