Lawyers - how do you "un-barricade" a deadbeat tenant?

I have a tenant who has not paid rent for 2 months and is stealing my electricity (ran an extension cord to the basement). We filed papers with the court for an eviction hearing but she will not answer the door for the process server. The police refuse to help. I can't shut off the heat or water (which I pay for) to the apartment because there is no way to separate the service. I live out of state. What can I do to get her out?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The process server is not required to get her to answer the door....just file an affidavit/declaration that the recipient refused to accept it......the hearing date goes on as scheduled......Once you get the Eviction the constable or sheriff who does the actual eviction....HE will be the one to call the police to help remove that person from the residence.

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    She doesn't need to open the door for the process server. Posting notice on the door to the premises is sufficient notification. Get a process server who knows what he is doing!

    You are within your rights to pull that extension cord if she has a separate meter. Shutting off the common utilities is not legal so even if you could you must not.

    Source(s): Former landlord
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