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Question on psychopath....just curious to know?

I've just learned that my colleage's father is a psychopath. Just wonder ..if

Psychopathy can’t be treated! The disease is incurable; the psychopath won’t admit he is sick.

What can be done to prevent that person from acting violently.?

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    Just because a person is a psychopath does not mean that they will act violently. I know you hear about serial killers being psychopaths( and they all are ), but that does not mean that every psychopath is a serial killer or even a violent person. Many psychopathes live very close to normal lives. Just don't get in too close with this man, and keep your guard up, while you don't have to expect that he will do something bad. hope that helps

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    Stop the God bullshit.

    Anyway he wun admit. Ask him to see a doctor which most likely he will refuse. But explain to him that if he think he is not then see a doctor.

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    Drugs and internment

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    Man cannot make straight what God has made crooked but Jesus has authority over all things.

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    Don't argue with them.

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