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If Christians want to be like Jesus why don't more of them take up carpentry?

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    yeh, yeh, yeh and Jesus saves but what interest rate does he get?

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    Jesus said, to be saved, sell all that you have and give it to the poor. That would be a good start. Carpentry can wait.

    Church people don't necessarily want to follow his teachings; they just want to spout their religion. Most of his teachings are rather inconvenient for church people.

    Source(s): I use the term "church people." The term "Christian" does not apply. Their religion is not the religion Jesus had. This should be obvious to any thoughtful person who has studied the four biblical accounts of Jesus' ministry.
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    Jesus was allegorically referenced to being a carpenter. He was called a carpenter because he works with the wood of the tree of life, a master of it.

    What Jesus ask for his followers is that they embrace the mindset and life style necessary to achieve what he did, this is his pattern. "Sin no more, least a worst thing come onto you." So in many ways Christians are to become carpenters as well, workers of the wood of the tree of life.

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    Umm; because He wasn't a carpenter.

    Trees are very scarce in Israel.

    He was a stone mason.

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    Because they want to follow his teachings. Not what he used to work as.

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