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Where can i get a nice party dress online,delivered before christmas eve?

i want a nice party6 dress, like a little black dress, or a sexy dress, it doesnt have to be black. Help please.................



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    If you are willing to pay for express shipping... Just about anywhere. It depends how much you want to spend? Neiman has amazing party dresses! Banana Republic, Nordstrom and maybe even jcrew.

    Hope you find your dress!

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    they have this really hot black dress

    when you get to the homepage go to evening dresses and they have alot of graet accesories and if you order today or sometime close it will be delivered before xmas eve

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    I just logged onto one of my favorite stores website and they are having a deal and will ship in 2 days. It's called forever21. try it.

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    go to or they have really nice stuff.

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    hurry cause theres not much time good luck

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