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ok i need an answer quick how do i flirt without being to obvious i need a long explanational paragraph?

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    Think of something you can ask him to do to help you -------or ask for his advice....then after he does this be sure to go way overbaord on giving him your vote of appreciation.....and remember to do lots of smiling. This works like magic.

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    Ok.. by looking at your picture thingy I assume you are female. I am also assuming you are talking about flirting with the opposite sex. If you are talking about the same sex, it's the same principle for what I'm about to say.

    I think the biggest thing to flirting without someone knowing is making that "bridge". Basically find something in common and just ask questions..... preferably open ended questions. That way you get extra conversation and hopefully that person will aslo volunteer extra info. about themself that you could make other bridges with.

    Once you have a bridge and the conversation seems compelling and inviting. (You have to have thick skin for this one) Cut the conversation short! Do this so that you can create some anticipation for the next encounter both for you and the other person.

    The next time you meet, have some questions or something along the "bridge" thought up. Over time create more and more bridges.

    Now here is the advanced stuff. For these moves you need to be subtle and natural.

    First, the arm/leg touch(if sitting close). Use these moves when engaged in that good conversation. Example: When you are laughing at something funny just lightly touch the arm or leg as you laugh, than remove it once you are done.

    Also, use that move when "telling something important". Make sure that you act that way ONLY with that person because he/she will notice.

    Put these words of wisdom to good use, they have worked for me time and time again and I will be honest and say is this is how I was hooked, lined and sunked!

    Good luck and let me know what you think of the knowledge!

    Source(s): Good old fashioned experiance folks!
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    Why wouldnt you want to be obvious ? I assume you like the person your flirting with, and the point of flirting is to gain attraction - so your acting like a 1st grader in the sense of, "I like him but dont want him to know" - instead of having that mindset realise that its his reward that your even considering him, and you are gonna flirt with him - openly, but that flirting which he enjoys could easily be taken away. Your the prize, act like it.

    A king in a castle tells people what he wants, and demands it of them - if the king never told anyone what he wanted, would it be just of him to chop off their heads for not getting him what he wanted ?

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    Is the only way for flirting? I really never liked ones that flirted.....Makes you wonder about there honesty.

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    smile & say hello

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    Just be yourself...

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