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Is anyone else separated from their family due to misunderstandings?

How do you deal with it in a healthy way, especially during the holiday season?

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    I have never had the best relationship with the people in my family and it is probably one of the hardest things to deal with i have ever encountered. The holidays are especially hard but there is no easy way to deal with loneliness and abandonment in my opinion. The best way I know is to either try to reconcile (if it is possible) Or try to make your own family of friends and loved ones outside of the biological ones you were given. There are lots of lonely people in the world who would love anyone to call there friend or family

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    Yes, I have been separated from my mother almost my whole adult life. She is not a good role model and also is very negative and manipulative towards all her children (none of the children talk to her anymore). The best way I handle it is that I think that the decision I made to not speak with her is the best for me and my children emotionally. I have a better life without all the drama from her. If your "misunderstands" can be fixed, fix them. If not, just stay away for your own good. Remember though, forgiveness is the hardest thing but it can bring great rewards when it is given and all involved really want to move on.

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    I am not exactly sure what you mean by a misunderstanding. But I will be separated from my family this xmas due to (what I think) my self centered family.

    My mum and Step-Dad (that brought us up for over 10 years) split up around 2 years ago due to his alcoholism. He has this year been sober for 10 months, found himself a full time job and sorted himself out. Now my Mum has always been quite supportive of him (but not to much to give him false hope..) but the rest of my family (I have 2 sisters and a brother) don't really have mch time for him.

    The point of this story is that I have stuck by him through his hard times and can't let him be alone at christmas (since my siblings have said they will not come round to the house if he is there) I find this really upsetting as everyone knowns how well he has been doing this past year.

    So in answer to your question, I will be separated from my family - through choice. To spend it with the man that brought me up as a daughter and has been the strongest person of the year.

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    It seems from a lot of the questions on here along these lines that there is a certain percentage of people, usually far into adulthood if not elderly or near elderly who, in my opinion, have a mental disorder that essentially disallows a normal relationship with their adult children and family. It's just not normal to be negative and so obviously difficult with your own family, and that's why I think there is more wrong than just personality conflicts. My advice is too move on, unfortunately, because unlike in the movies, it's very unlikely anything will change.

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  • Kitty
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    I use to be.... But I forgave and things are fine now. Sure they still drive me nuts from time to time but I limit time spent with these people for that reason.

    I may love my family but not necessarily like them. I have voiced my concerns and they take heed to not repeat what they did. If they do things again, I will again work on forgiving them.

  • Anonymous
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    Realize that the relationship is OVER.

    I stopped seeing my parents 10 years ago because my mother is a 24-hour-a-day NAG. I finally had enough and said good by, forever.

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    Nope. We understand eachother well. they stay the **** out of my life and I do the same. Especially for the holidays

  • Gabrio
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    I'm also in that difficult situation, my solution is stay away of their dramas, emotional problems, scandals and centre stage greed.

    I prefer stay with my friends or charity...

    Source(s): My dumb brother made my parents divorce and economical crisis.
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