can a dog get a woman pregnant?

ok i have a friend that is into beastiallity and it just got me curious if it might even be possible for a canine to get a female human pregnant. or even for a male human to get a female canine pregnant. it bothers me and i've searched the net for the answer. all i got from that are sites with women having sexual intercourse with canines.

so in the end my question is, can a canine impregnate a human and/or the other way around?


ok sorry ppl for the wierd question, but it's disturbing the fact that women actually have sex with animals. when i think of sex it's like condom, no baby. no condom, baby.

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    No, there are a different number chromosones in each species.

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    can a dog get a woman pregnant?

    ok i have a friend that is into beastiallity and it just got me curious if it might even be possible for a canine to get a female human pregnant. or even for a male human to get a female canine pregnant. it bothers me and i've searched the net for the answer. all i got from that are sites with...

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    In answer to your other question: GET YOUR EMAIL CONFIRMED BY YAHOO.

    until then, here:

    No one has been able to without a doubt confrim that the two species can produce viable offspring in normal life conditions, since no one has ever offered to have their sexual relations with a chimp documented. But there has been evidence that at one time humans and chimps, and other great apes, waaay back in the day, did breed.

    more recently, studies in africa have dredged up cases of local men impregnanting wild chimps, which produced man-like monkies. In some cases creatures which showed increased congnative skills, and the desire to walk more upright due to their particular anatomical design.

    There was a couple in america in the middle of this last century who had a pet chimp that they swore was half man, it was sold later to another person who paraded it around as the 'missing link'. He was called oliver, or the humanzee.

    While genetically, his DNA seemed to support this theory, its never been decided one way or another what he was.

    More recently, scientists have created and tried to patent human/ape embryo's for the study of medicine and science. Therse acutally a special on PBS about it. tis part of the genome project.

    It hasnt been proved that it happens in natural cases, but it certainly has been proved that a viable embryo can be scientifically created.

    Its sickening.

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    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Have you ever seen an Alsation-Woman hybrid before? If not, you've answered your own question.

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    Assuming you are not a pervert and the question is scientific, it is NOT possible for different species to cross breed unless they are very similar. A dog is not, and no one has had it off with a gorilla and lived to tell the tale that I'm aware of.

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    I've never dreamed of having sex with an animal and I think your friend needs professional help. Not only that but she should go to jail for it. It's just wrong. But in answer, no your friend cannot give birth to a litter of puppies.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry but your friends are nasty as hell and you just don't do things like that to a animal. But I don't think they can get each other pregnant. I'm pretty sure they can't.

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