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Dream interpretation needed. What does it mean?

Yesterday morning I dreamed of a friend in several different settings. I have never dreamed of this friend before. An hour after I woke up, I got a call, that he had died. I cannot remember specific details of the dreams. Was he trying to contact me about something?

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    I think that according to Jungian theory, when something so out of the ordinary is hapepning, the public unconscious which we are usually not aware of, is broken through, if you will by signifcant event. That's how you were able to notice it, whether he was trying to contact you, I would doubt that. I think simply he was releasing so much energy that you couldn't help but notice.

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    Whoa I dreamed John Wayne died woke up said he died only to find out the next day he did but I never met the man so I couldn't tell ya.

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    this might be helpful


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