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What are some good fundraising ideas for my schools softball team?

My team needs about $250. We did a bake sale and got about 200, but we want some new ideas. (the 250 is above what we already have)

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    have some kind of raffle where people buy a $1 chance to win a think of the prize because i don't know your budget.

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    5 years ago

    What about a Coffee fundraiser? Specialty coffee and beverages are an exploding market nationwide and it practically sells itself. Java Joe's Roasting Company is an upstate New York based coffee roaster, who specializes in fundraising. Organizations will realize a profit of $2.50 or more per bag sold. The products will be customized to promote your organization (free of charge) and there are no set up fees or minimums. This fundraising program is equitable and offers your supporters a first class practical product that is perfect for every day use. Good luck! I hope I was able to help. p.s. My son's preschool made $2,496 during a 2 week campaign.

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    Bikini car wash. I know that sounds silly, but I guarantee you'll make lots of money. All sorts of men will drive by and let your team clean their cars.

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