Japan?!! Please help!!?

How do the japanses live thier evryday lives?

how many days do they usually work?

what time does school start there?

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    i get up at 7am, leave home at 8am, office hours is 9 to 5:30 on weekdays, but i overwork a bit like to 6pm or 7pm

    My kids go to school and it starts from 8:30

    I think our like is pretty much the same as yours

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    Like already mentioned, some Japanese work the same hours as those from other countries. Office workers are notorious for working OT. 12 hour days, 6 days a week. It can be tough. I am an English teacher and work 1-9.

    Students start school at 8am. They usually have juku, tutoring, after school so they sometimes come home late at night.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As Yoichi has said, not too different from your everyday life.

    Depends on the company and what type of business is practiced but when I was working in Japan I got to work around 8:30AM and worked until 7:00PM. Which is not bad.

    Some people get to work at 6:00AM and leave at 11:00PM. And of course there are people who get to work at 10:00AM and leave at 6:00PM so like I said it varies.

    For me, school started at 7:30AM because we had 7 periods a day. (Usually most schools have 6 periods so they start at 8:30)

    Went home around 3:00PM.

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