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We need to save our children!!!!!!!!!!?


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    Call Cartman... He exterminates hippies...

    With the proper nutrients added to the diet, it is healthy... You would know this if you were actually what you said you were... I'm not a vegitarian, but, I do have enough schooling to know that it can be healthy if done right...

    One thing you are right about though, is children should get old enough to make the decision themselves before being subjected to that.

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    Oh dear. You are obviously a stupid DIETITIAN!!!

    It is perfectly fine for children to be vegetarians. The only reason people think it is not okay is because they think the child will not get the right amounts of protein, and nutrients. However, let us look at it this way. You need 6-11 servings of grains, pastas, breads. They'll still be getting that. You need 2-4 servings of fruits. They'll be getting that; 3-5 servings of veggies, that and maybe a bit more. Now, what was that serving of meat? Oh yes, 2 servings. That is not as much as those other groups! They won't be getting that as much. What you need from that group is protein, for energy. You can that from veggie burgers, hummus, tofu, any soy product. So sorry, I think my 17 year old butt can determine that you're wrong.

    Source(s): Food pyramid, and common sense.
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    I suggest you do your research before coming here and shouting your opinions off at everyone. You are not a dietitian, if you were you would have a basic understanding of where humans can get their nutrients from - vegetarians sources as well as meat. You would know that babies and children can thrive very well on vegan food as long as the parents are careful to make sure the diet is well balanced. It may seem alarming to illformed people to cut out large chunks of the standard diet, but the fact is we don't need meat or dairy and they are bad for us. Please do some research and try to be more open minded about the subject.

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    Stop yelling. If you are a nutritionist then maybe you are familiar with "The Farm" in Tennessee. It was a bunch of hippies that had a community living situation. Everybody was vegan and lots of babies were born there. The overall net effect was that the kids raised there were slightly shorter than the rest of the US population. I have one of their cookbooks and it's white sugar and white flour vegan. Not top notch nutrition.

    Please go to and check on his nutrition information to compare it with your own. I know you have been sold a bill of goods from the dairy industry. Ever stop to think why the people of China and Japan are fine without dairy? The country's with the highest dairy consumption also have the highest rate of osteoporosis. Ooops!

    Go to the health food store and read a bag of seaweed. Fantastic nutrition there. The book/DVD has some great info. Watch the video from the health expo.

    I hope you are eating your millet, amaranth and barley.

    I don't think veganism is for everyone, but you can do it if it's well thought out- many people don't have time to make up a pot of dark leafy greens...

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    This person is not a dietitian (though they did spell it right, amazingly enough). I currently cook for a private, upscale medical facility and can assure you that a vegetarian diet is completely acceptable for children. I started a career in veterinary medicine but soon switched back to my passion - cooking. Because I had a background in medicine, albeit veterinary, I studied nutrition in more detail when I got out of culinary school and began working in Nutritional Services departments in health care facilities. In all my time as a Dietary Cook, I have NEVER met a Registed Dietitian who would agree that a proper vegetarian diet is harmful to children. The vast majority of RDs actually encourage a demi-veg diet based on whole grains, if they don't simply promote a vegetarian diet outright.

    Which is why I call BS on the questioner.

    If you have ever seen a malnourished vegetarian of any age, it is due to their own poor food choices. The same goes for the typical omnivore and their diet. Poor food choices are not limited to a certain eating 'style' or 'philosophy'. Over half the population of the United States is obese because of these poor food choices. Thin or obese, malnourished individuals seem to be more the result of the typical American sense of entitlement ("I deserve to have that 1,200 calorie slice of cheesecake because I had diet Coke instead of regular Coke") than of any specific dietary trend.


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    Ha ha ha... wow, what a wacko!

    And look at all these ignoramuses that come out of the woodwork in response to such an idiotic posting. Yikes! I know people from all over the world who have never eaten any animal products for their entire life. Many of them are from either India or China and some from Europe, and others from Canada and the USA… Most of them have worked hard, very hard, all their lives. They are ripped with muscles from working the fields and are healthy and strong in old age.

    My friend is an old woman now and never eaten animal products her whole life and the doctor says things like, “wow, you are as healthy as a 20 year old” and the dentist says, “wow, your gums are that of a 20 year old”, and on and on, the more people look at her, the more they are amazed. People ‘think’ this or they ‘think’ that but in reality they just are not educated at all.

    Children should definitely not be consuming any animal products at all. There’s no reason for it. Most people have been brainwashed these days and with their lack of education they say silly ignorant things. It’s a little sad because these same people must also believe that the colour of one’s skin also makes a difference. But it doesn’t. As humans we, biologically, digestively, are designed no different from that of Chimpanzees. How do they survive eating mostly fruit? What about gorillas? or orang-utans? Same digestive system, no meat. Lots of leaves.

    Whatever, this person yells too much anyway.

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    What in a vegetarian diet prevents a child from receiving proper nutrition?

    If you are a dietitian you should know that it is possible to raise a health child on a vegetarian diet. If you don't please go back to school.

    Really look at India, that are a lot of people there don't eat meat something like 31%. Are you really trying to tell me that all those children are malnourished? I don't think so. Please do your research.

    Yes, I heard of the case you're talking about and they should be put in jail for it.

    Please get your facts straight first, then post back again.

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    I'm no nutritionist, so I don't think I can really provide facts to you that you won't immediately shut out. I can, however, testify to the fact that there are millions of people in the world who are vegetarian and lead self-fulfilling lifestyles (in fact, it's a doctrine in many Asiatic cultures to practice it).

    Some people talk about adequate protein in the diet, but this can be compensated through dairy products. For vegans, this is more of a problem, but they can eat a good supply of lentils and soy to counteract the deficit. B12 is another important vitamin; however, again, for vegetarians this can be taken through dairy products. For vegans, it is a bit more complicated; however, B12 supplements are available.

    I'm not sure exactly what the "question" is that you're asking. But my response is that vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle. Meat, when taken in excess, actually, can cause an enormous amount of health problems. I think the major dietary problem in countries these days is from preventing our kids for being obese. I don't think scaring them out of a less-fat diet is much more encouraging.

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    Raising children as vegans *may* cause problems. Raising children as vegetarians is NOT an issue at all. I was raised a vegetarian. Is something wrong with me? I'm now 22! Even if children are raised vegan, as long as they get breast milk, B12 supplements and a balanced well planned diet, there won't be a problem.

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    Aren't parents expected to raise their children the way they believe is best? Then if I believe vegetarianism is best for the body, why would I wait till my children are adolescent? Why would I start them off bad and hope to change things as they get older? If when they are older want to eat meat then they can. By then I will have instilled in them what I feel is best for them and if they do not want to go that route and eat McDonalds then so be it. But for now, I feel that I am going the right route as well as raising my children correctly, as I see fit for my children to be raised correctly on a no meat diet!

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