Can any one give me some suggestions about obtaining a good score in AW of GRE?

I am so obsessed with this section of GRE,coz I am a foreign student,I really don't know how to improve my wrting.can any one help me?

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    If you wrote this then I applaud your abilities. You are intelligent enough to ask for assistance. The newspaper might be some help. It was mentioned earlier by Sunshine2. I personally believe that it is written in a different style than you need for this writing test. I would spend some time at a local library reading and writing about articles that you find in all sorts of magazines. Take these to someone who look them over and be a little critical. If necessary and you have nobody else post them on here as a question and allow these readers to assess them for you. Make sure that you get input from people who CAN SENSIBLY WRITE! This test is not meant to kill people. It is only a standard that some schools use for placement. YOU CAN DO IT! Have a great holiday with friends and family!


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    just take your time and be patient. Read alot of newspapers

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