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I can't seem to keep my fish tank clean?

I had a ten gallon tank and at the begining I had a hard time getting the water clear, its been over a year and now we got a 60 gallon tank on tuesday and it turned murky so we got a new filter and it was better all clear but today it started looking murky again. so my husband desided to change the water. Please help for if it happens again.

Thanks in advance.

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    There are many possibilies to this issue congrats on the bigger tank once you get it running good you will have less problems being that there is more water space so a small problem won't get big real quick.

    OK first clean your tank real good don't use soap clean the gravel well which you can do by sitting the gravel in a large bucket under running water stirring alot till the water runs clear I' know it will be time consuming but its worth it I know this may an old fashioned way of cleaning a tank but you can use table salt to clean the empty tank by rubbing it all over the glass by hand just don't rub to hard or it may scatch the glass and then rinse very very well I mean well but a little salt won't hurt fish normally.

    OK set your tank up if you can a bigger filter for your tank won't hurt it just don't go crazy say your filter is recomeended for 60 gals you may get one for lets say 70 gals just don't hog wild and get a monter one that will cost you allot.

    Ok set the tank up gravel plants all you need to keep fish let it cycle for about 48 hours without the fish and see what happens if the water turns murky then it's not over feeding and not the fish.

    So it could be your water or something else your just going to have to go on trail and error and eleminate your problem one by one just start simple and go from there I would recommend a good book on tropical fish it will save a lot of time in the long run.

    Just keep it simple it could be something as simple as chlorine in your water or the gravel wasn;t cleaned real well or the filter isn't working well hope this helps you in some way I had the same problem a long time ago it was my gravel and tap water had chlorine in it I'm not saying it's whats happening to you start somewhere and eliminate problems one by one it won't take long

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  • Fredo
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    Make sure that you don't feed the fish too much or else the food acumilates and makes the tank murky. Also, don't use tap water.Make sure that the filter is the right size for the tank.

  • Anonymous
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    hello, have you allowed the tank to cycle? did u wash off the gravel? sometimes over feeding will cause the water clarity to go down. could also be your water. have your water tested .

  • Lady G
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    Check your water parameters, sounds like your nitrites or nitrates might be out of control.

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