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I've seen free antiviruses,can someone tell me if they are as secure as the payones,& wich would be a good one

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    There are some pretty crappy free antivirus's, but then again there are some pretty crappy commercial one's too, sooo lets compare the best of the commercial to the best of the freebies.

    As far as what they detect, they'll be pretty much the same. Often times the free antivirus programs don't get updated quite as frequently as do the paid ones, so it might take an extra few days before you're protected from a brand new virus.

    Consider this though: I've fixed a lot of computers in which the antivirus subscription had expired over a year ago. If you're not going to keep paying for the subscription, then don't even bother; get a free one.

    I recommend AVG Free.

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    i use clamwin 0.88.7 and i don't have any problems with my computer

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