Tell me more about William Shakespeare's sonnets? What about shakespeare led him to write them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I imagine that these were private poems that he wrote and collected throughout his life. They were published in 1609, maybe as an income generator. Shakespeare had developed quite a name for himself by this point in his life and was able to put his name on the collection of sonnets (plays were usually "owned" and published by the entire acting troupe in Shakespeare's day, instead of the individual playwright) so he would see a larger bit of the printing profits than he would with a play. As far as the subject of the sonnets, volumes have been written on this topic. Some sonnets seem to be written to a young man, others to a "dark lady"... whether these are to actual people in Shakespeare's life or fictional subjects is just another one of those things we'll never know about Billy's private life.

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