Is Times Square a good place to stay in New York for New Years? Or would you recommend another part of NY?

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    If you can get a room with a view of Times Square than it is worth it to be able to watch from the top. Those rooms are sold out for the most part and if you can get one it will be very expensive. If you are travelling to New York I recommend staying in Fort Lee, NJ. It is the town on the other side of the George Washington Bridge. The hotels are clean and reasonable. Do not rent a car to go to New York. You can stay at the Fort Lee Hilton with shuttle service to New York busses, one every five minutes and it is either $1. or $1.25 depending on the bus you take. You can also stay at Best Western or Holiday Inn and take a cab to the same dollar busses every five minutes at the bridge for about $7. I know it is every tourists dream to be in Times Square for New Years Eve so I am not discouraging you. I don't know your budget but there are so many parties in New York for New Years Eve, some with a view of Times Square. Try calling the Marriot Marquee, they have a few restaraunts with a prix fix dinner and drinks so you can watch the ball drop in style. Otherwise, you will be like a cold sardine on the street without liquor.

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    If you plan to go out of the hotel on new years eve and just stand outside and watch the ball drop why not. But if ou plan to try and go somewhere you can not even move once you get outside the door.

    It is so crowded that once you are in times square you can not even move for hours on end. I hope you do not need to pee or go number 2 cuz you can not move.

    I would stay near but away from times sq, however at this point you probably can not even get a hotel on New Yrs eve very close anyway.

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    Last year I went to NYC and I stayed in the Time Square area, but I did not stay for the ball drop, so I can't say that it was not crazy. The previous year, we went with intentions of going to the ball drop, but we stayed in Pelham, north of the city. Just keep in mind it will be a rush to get out of the city after the ball drops and there are probably a million other with the same idea of getting out of the city, so if you can get a room with a reasonable rate in the city do that because it will be a hassle to get a train after the ball drops. Good luck and have fun!

  • wax
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    Iceman is amazingly best ideal. i do not realize the thumbs down. besides, your first hurdle will be getting tickets to a activity. Your plans will obvioiusly be constrained by using at the same time as the Yanks are on the city. you're going to ought to sit down down with a activity time table and search for for flights and hotel availibilty in accordance to that. As for airports, whichever is most inexpensive of JFK, LGA or EWR. ( I circumvent EWR, yet it is own preferance). there is both bus or prepare provider from any of them into ny. i imagine the the position you opt to stay question will answer itself once you start up searching for inns. Many will be finished or very intense priced. NJ will be somewhat out of how yet perchance check out Queens. there's a holiday hotel in large apple city it is affordable for NYC (if there is availability). this is 3 blocks from the 7 prepare which will be emmensily accessible to get to ny and the Bronx (the 7 is going to Grand needed the position you could get the 4 to the living house that Ruth equipped). it will be demanding to get a lot more desirable particular without dates. feel free to deliver a message and that i'll target to assist as a lot as i can.

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    I had a friend go there, and he said he didn't have a good time. He said it was so crowded that he could barely move around, plus with all the gangs around, he was intimidated by them. My recommendation, based on this, is for you to find a more "friendly" enviornment to usher in the New Year. Be careful and have a great day.

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    go but DON"T stay in Times square. with all the lights it feels like daylight. stay in the ritz carlton in battery park it is the best. it is very quite at night. and peaceful. i love nyc.

    Source(s): personal experince.
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    well if you like overcrowded and noisy and exciting places then yes.

    but if you dont want loud noisy and crowded areas then go somewhere else in NYC


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