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I think I like him again, I need help....?

WE broke up..... I got mad because he was , as he said to my friend "Doing it for the popularity, and I feel sorry that she loved me all this time, but I still have feelings for jessie" Jessie was his ex, " I hope this will make her jealous, that way Jess will get back together with me." Those were his exact words, my friend told me. But I feel feelings again, is it the fact that I love to make him mad, because during the end he started likeing me. Or is it the fact that I am falling for him again.

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    Try expanding your dating world (you sound very young, high school). You will meet many boys in your life, and you will be heart-broken and lonely many times. Accept it, and accept that the only cure is to have fun things to do, career-wise, hobbies, friends, etc. Meet people, do things, have something to offer potential partners and you may just find yourself too busy and happy to worry about such things!

    Maybe he liked you because you stopped trying to please him and you were yourself and had a little confidence.

    It is definitely possible to "care" too much. This is usually accomplished by "caring" about what you want, instead of caring for this person and hoping they are happy, whatever they choose and whomever they are with. Accept that you cannot control everyone around you (they actually seem to think and act on their own!). Have a little patience, you'll find what you're looking for. Worrying about it won't make it happen. Being prepared for it and being open to oppurtunities will.

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    Don't let yourself be used by this guy! If he still has feelings for his ex then he is never going to love you as much as you love him. You are making yourself look desparate trying to get back with him when you know it was all a game to make his ex jealous enough to get back with him.

    Obviously this didn't work as the girl realised this guy is a jerk of the first order and wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole.

    Act like you don't care at all and soo you will realise that you actually don't. I think by not reacting the way he expects you to will make him realise he can't treat women like dirt to meet his own sick ends.

    Move on and date someone who wants you for you.

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    The best thing you can do is stay away from him. No contact whatsoever. No phone, email, text messages, and especially no face to face visits. You need the time to decide whether you love this person for who he truly is or if you want to get back with this person because you either feel sorry for him or you want revenge. I know it will be hard, but this gives you the clear mind that you need to make such a hard decision.

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    He isn't worth a penny of your love at all. Let him go. Time will get you back on tracks again. Trust me.

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    TAKE A BREATH......You need a break. Find something that you enjoy doing and forget this drama for just a bit. Don't worry about what he or she is doing, concentrate on you. Your beautiful....remember....

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    according to my studies in psychology...i'll rather say zat u cant accept the fact zat he left u for her ex...another prob is zat u r popular rite? so may b u get all the guyz u want...and as alwayz, u are alwayz atracted towards things u cant get...zats the human race dear...anyway, keep in mind zat he used u, and if i were in ur shoe's i wld hav 4got him...1 lost, ten gained...

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    well i think u r missing him. maybe u like him again....dont go back to him though...coz he doesnt love u...he just wanna make his ex jealous....forget him and move on

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    You need to get away from him.

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    u need to get away form him and find another guy!

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    if he said that. he his a JERK.give it time. you willprobably find a way BETTER guy than that.

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