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PSAT/SAT score help?

I recently got my PSAT scores back and I followed the way they told me to convert it to see my possible SAT score which was and 1840 (out of 2400) (Remember I'm only in 10th grade). What I was wondering was what types of schools require what types of SAT scores (w/ all other factors being equal)?

If someone could explain this or give me a website that shows which colleges require which ranges of SAT scores (or something of the sort), that would be great.

Thank You

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    That's a really good start!

    I don't know how colleges will interpret the writing section by the time you're in college. But right now, they add the critical reading and math up so that sum becomes the score on the old version.

    The writing section now is mostly used for placement.

    Since you have a 1840, I'm assuming when you do the thing I mentioned above you will get around 1200 on a 1600 scale:

    A lot of very good schools have the lower middle 50% of their student's score around 1200. The lower middle 50% of ivy league schools have around a 1350.

    If you good to and explore it you will find a list of the best univeristies and stuff. I think that i might say their SAT scores.

    If you go to you could do a college search and put you SATs scores in and the search will find a close match to you. Even though you are only in 10th grade, but you know a specific college or univeristy you like there is a "college quickfinder" on the website. It will show the average SAT scores for that school.

    I have a college handbook that has an in-depth information page for a lot of schools.

    If you subscribe to US news, they sometimes have a information of college and stuff.

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    I'm pretty sure that a good deal of colleges will use the writing section for admission by the time you become a senior. An 1840 translates to roughly a 1230 on the 1600 scale.

    You shouldn't look at the lower 50% of SAT scores at any schools, ESPECIALLY Ivies. Unless, of course, you are a recruited athlete, extremely talented artist/musician, black, Mexican, Native American, alumni child or celebrity child. You are setting yourself up for failure if you fall in the lower half of the SAT scores.

    According to the US News, these are the best 20 schools in America with the middle 50% of their SAT scores in 2005.

    Princeton (1380 - 1560)

    Harvard (1400 - 1580)

    Yale (1400 - 1580)

    CalTech (1470 - 1580)

    Stanford (1360 - 1550)

    MIT (1430 - 1570)

    UPenn (1340 - 1520)

    Duke (1360 - 1540)

    Dartmouth (1350 - 1550)

    Columbia (1340 - 1540)

    UChicago (1350 - 1530)

    Cornell (1290 - 1480)

    WashU (1360 - 1520)

    Northwestern (1320 - 1500)

    Brown (1330 - 1540)

    Johns Hopkins (1290 - 1500)

    Rice (1330 - 1540)

    Vanderbilt (1280 - 1460)

    Emory (1300 - 1470)

    Notre Dame (1290 - 1470)

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    There are usually books with practice questions that help. But really I wouldn't worry too much about it until closer to time to take the tests. You may learn a lot more than since you were a freshman.

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