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Is there a name to the stuff that janitors put on vomit?

Remember in elementary school when someone in the class vomited, the janitor spread some type of granules on it to soak it up? What was the name of that stuff? Why didn't they just clean it up instead of spreading this stuff on it and letting it set?

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    All of the above are pretty well correct. There are lots of products for this some are called Stay Dry or Absorb All and stuff like that. It is used to soak up the juice and make it easier to clean up. At my high school I think it was then sent to the Cafeteria and made into the next days soup...

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    It's called cat litter. Would you just clean it up? It smells wretched, and disgusting. The kitty litter covers the smell and prevents the slimy vomit from getting away from the person cleaning it up.

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    The substance you are referring to is commonly called Cat Litter.

    It absorbs and makes it easier to clean up.

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    I think the name of it is Absorb-It...or something like it.

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    sawdust? I don't know...to make it easier to pick up..I went to a ghetto school okay :(

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