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I didn't get toned after highlites yesterday and the salon's closed now. How do I tone back my color today?

The lighting wasn't so good at the salon, so I couldn't see just how bright these highlights are. I asked for natural-looking ones. They're very chunky, too light, and too red in some spots. (We used a medium blonde and a reddish brown on my already reddish brown hair.)

I have a big business meeting tomorrow with clients - I need to look like a professional - not a teenie bopper. Can I use an over-the-counter toning product? If so, what kind? And where do I get it?

Also, is there a time limit to when you can use a toner - will it work 20 hours after the bad dye job? And is there anything to be cautious of?

Someone, please help!

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    Call your colorist at home.

    If you can't reach him/her, you can do the following without causing permanent damage.

    Ash Blonde to Ash Brown (depending on how dark your color is now) temporary mousse (the kind the old ladies use, it's a mousse you can find at any Walmart or drugstore and comes in a zillion colors.

    using ash toned will neutralize the red if that's what you want. If you just want to match your highlights to the rest of your hair, find a mousse that closely matches your reddish brown hair but don't go to dark or it'll look fake.

    Apply the mousse CAREFULLY to only the highlighted strands you want to blend in. If you put too much of the ASH tone on the blonder strands you run the risk of a greenish hue.

    Wash it out completely at your first opportunity. Do not use a store bought permanent color and do not use a "temporary" demi-color. Demi color over highlighted strands will not wash out completely and your colorist will have to strip those strands and start over. (which is horrible for your hair)

    There is no time limit to tone your hair. Use the mousse to get you through your day, wash it out when you can and get back to your salon as soon as possible.

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    i am soooo confused... how do you go to a salon and get a bad dye-job... that really sux. i feel bad for you--empathy.

    you should go back to the salon if at all possible. or spend the money to go somewhere else. toner isn't gonna make it look less chunky, will just tone what you have but isn't gonna change the color.

    be cautious of making it worse/ wasting money and time for naught.

    seek a professional.

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    Oh goodness - I had the same issue. There should be toning products at any convient store. Mine got toned down after 2 days prior to get the highlights done so I wo'nt really matter how long you wait. Just be careful when you go out to get the over-the-counter product - don't get a shade of red.

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    i agree that you should not DIY. Just dress ultra-conservative and, if possible, wear your hair tied back until you can go back to the salon.

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    go get some color enhancing shampoo

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