Screwed up first date with a good friend, What next?

I am a hs senior, and have limited experience (1 other first date)

The story. This girl, and I have been flirting for the last 2-3 months. I was finally able to ask her out last tues

I know that she was interested (we both ditched our boosters dates, plus other events). However, when the date happened, i crashed and burned.

We went to get ice cream, and later see a film (apocalipto, yes i know). The date went well. She was fun, and the discussion was rich, laughter, etc. This was untill the movie. At the movie, I was probably a bit annoying and went for a kiss when i shouldn't have. The kiss was agressive, and bad. The date ended, and when i drove her home, she hugged me and smiled.

For the next few days, she dodged me untill finally i forced the topic. "It was too fast, and she said" and needs time to think.

A week later, it is still awkward, but we have 3 clases together.

I am tempted to force the topic and either get a 2nd try or a release for other opportunties.

Should I?


More background. This chick is what many would call a "band geek" (and i get a hard time from some b/c she is not my "crowd"). However she is very hot, I really like her sense of humor and have (had) and amazing connection with her.

As for me, I am a very, very social kid and like to create awkward situations (fun ones, not this). She is by no means not in my league, and i have gone out with several college chicks (2 i slept with, but only with alcahol and she doesn't know). I also have 1-2 possible dates lined up outside of school that if all else fails i could/would like to try with.

I want to fix the situation, because the chick is amazing and we had the best connection i have ever had (even seen). However, the situation is so awkwards, and i do not know if this is possible.

Would talking with her and explaining that i know i crashed and burned, and that the situation now sucks, and that we should either try again or give up.

Insensitive? Help.

Update 2:

So should I go for a semi ultimatum or wait and try to avoid the situation for a few more days?

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    God, my friend, did SHE complain about you kissing her?? NO!!!

    YOU thought you crashed and burnt because yuou went right for the kiss... actually she HUGGED YOU when you drove her home.

    she didn't enjoy the kiss itself (if you're saying it was bad). but she probably likes the Idea that you want to kiss her. God, you wasted too much time... set up the next date.. make it casual.. (CLOSE TO YOUR PLACE). discuss a few things with her that relate to something you have at your house and offer her to go there and check it out. be casual. (you're giving her a chance. not asking for a chance). she WILL go for it.

    during the date... do NOT forget to create sexual tension.

    tell her about your friend who met a complete stranger the other night, and things went too steamy that they ended up in bed and now she's his girlfriend (that friend is imaginary of course).

    you're a man and you dsire her.. because she's hot... Hello???

    SHE KNOWS THAT. don't be sorry about it.. go for it.!!!!

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    You are in a common situation, one you will know again in 10 or 20 years, so calm down. One day you will have the same story around an office. Take it easy for a while. The Holidays offer many creative opportunities to get together socially. Accept her words, she felt uncomfortable. Show her you can lay low but want to be near her.

    Lastly, you said you want a 2nd try or "a release." Your story does not suggest you need a release. You are still friends so just go on with your life including dating anyone you want. High school "friendships" tend to end when you leave for college anyway. You will want to be free at college. You may find she starts text messaging you at college, so the opportunity may still be there in a couple years.

  • If it was me, I'd write out the word "sorry" about 5 hundred times on a piece of paper along with a hand drawn picture of a stick man giving a terrible big kiss to an alarmed stick girl and give it to her. If she's a "band geek" type, she'll see the humour in it and likely lighten up a bit.

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    Brush yourself off and try again.

    Only proceed if her smiles seem sincere. You can only fix the repercussions of a bad kiss with a really good one.

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    Maybe you could start with, "look I screwed up, I'm really sorry. I miss having you as a friend, can we be friends again?"

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