What is your most memorable kiss?

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  • lee f
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    1 decade ago
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    Many moons ago I knew a girl who turned me inside out

    and my world upside down. Everything was a fog, like a dream.

    The kiss we shared tickled my stomach and as I am brought to remember it again, I feel it in my stomach, it's fluttering and my hands are shaking. We were in New Orleans on Constantinople street, uptown near the Garden District.

    I think we were around 18 or 19, sitting on the back stairs at

    this house. I don't know who laid it on who but it was deep, my little brother busted us and from that day on for years, every time the radio played, "Kiss on my list" by Hall and Oats, my little brother gave me this smirked smile. That kiss was a turning point,

    I felt so much passion, I fell in love. I am a loner these days but I am so grateful to have known love, real love, I swear I hope every one of you get to feel that at least for a short while.Truly love is all there is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it was when i was leaving Sri Lanka after i spent a holiday there. i met this girl who is now my best friend..when i met her i had no feelings towards her but later i kinda got a lil crush on her and wen i left she gave me a hug and a quick kiss ..not a french kiss or anything - just one on the cheek. iv had much more intemate kisses before but that one even tho it was just a small kiss..i was totally 'wow' after it. lol

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