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ladys i need your opion?

hey ladies i need your opion i grew lol so all my shirts r to small most of them go like 3 inches away from the hip i guess im skinny thats what my friends say and all my pants are hip huggers we dont have money for new shirts and i dont wanna go to a thrift store what should i do should i just wear the shirts or what

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    I never like to spend much money on my clothes either! Try shopping in the dirt cheap sales racks - if you take the time to really look, you can find clothes as cheap as thrift stores. If it's a t-shirt or some type of basic shirt, invest in a $5 white/black/gray fitted shirt to layer under it to cover up.

    As for your old stores, try selling them at a recycled clothes store like Buffalo or Crossroads Trading. You can actually get more money for them on eBay. If you have outstanding items that are designer, try selling them separately. For everything else, put it in a lot. Take thorough pictures and give information with sizes, etc. Invest in making this lot well-known and it has a change of getting you a lot of money!

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    I would go to the thrift store, or wear a light sweater over the shirts. Because I don't think showing your midriff is really in fashion right now, the fashion's more like long tight things, and layering.

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    i'm not a huge fan of baring the midriff, so i think you should reconsider the thrift store idea. they're not as bad as you think. or, even better. spend the money to get one longer white tank top that you can wear under all the shirts. layering is very popular!

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    try to stop buying so much pants and buy a few shirts a size bigger than what yooh wear like a small to a medium..

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